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Live streaming your service with ease


Live streaming your service with ease

With the recent restrictions being placed on places of worship, we're being asked more and more about how easy is it for churches to live stream their services - even for churches who have no professional equipment to enable this.

Live streaming is so much more accessible nowadays and can be achieved easily and quickly using a number of platforms. The key is to ensure that the quality of the live stream ensures that viewers can both see and hear adequately.

We have a few pointers below to help you get off to a good start:

  • Test the device you are intending to use to make sure it will pick up both the image and audio you require at the right size and level - the closer the device the better the audio but the smaller the image;
  • Setup the streaming platform you are intending to use in advance and test your device with it to make sure it will work;
  • Make sure the internet connection where you are intending to stream from is suitable and gives you the bandwidth required without buffering or pausing during use

There are a number of platforms available, however two of the most mainstream, easy and cost effective to use are YouTube and Facebook Live. For details on how to set these up, please visit the links below:

You also mustn't forget that you will need the relevant permissions and licenses in place when live streaming, for further information please read this helpful blog (Click to view) by our friends at CCLI.

When planning the content and the view that your congregation are going to see at home, be creative and also, if you think about how live TV presents itself to the viewer, the 'shot' or view barely stays on one static position for very long, therefore try and keep your content short and sweet to keep the viewer engaged!

This information is designed to give you access to ways to live stream with ease and without the need to spend any money on additional equipment - of course you could invest in a mutli-camera setup with a dedicated swtich unit with fancy wipes from camera to camera but - the key is to use live streaming as an aide to worship and not a distraction, particularly when you have limited time and resources at your disposal.

If you would like any further assistance or advice, then please don't hesitate to contact us on or by email support@dsavltd.co.uk

God bless, happy streaming and of all things - please take care! DSAV - Specialist AV for Ministry®